About the site

The aim of CariYouth Well-being is to act as an online sexual health guide for Caribbean
youth. As a teenager, I was often frustrated with the lack of information and resources provided for adolescents to learn more about their sexual health. Like most adolescents my age, I was curious about my sexuality and the opposite sex. However, outside of parental warnings and the discussions held with my peers, I had little informative guidance about the topic of sexual health. It was while attending York University that I had the opportunity to gain a more comprehensive sexual health education. In having this exposure, I then realized the importance that comprehensive sex education can have for other Caribbean youth. As a result of this, I decided to create this online resource around the topic of sexual health.

CariYouth Well-being is a compilation of resources that could help Caribbean youth make healthier choices. The site composes of a combination of diagrams, videos, information taken from other renown websites that specialise in providing information about sex and alcohol to youth.

About the Author 

I am a first year MEd student who migrated to Canada about four years ago to pursue an undergraduate degree in International Development Studies at York University. It was this four year journey, which brought me back to the field of education. Now, a combination of my life and educational experiences has produced my perception of education, as a field that extends far beyond the class room and into communities.

As being involved in community organizations were an integral part of my upbringing, I continually found ways to immerse myself in the various extra curricular activities while residing in Canada. My most current venture is with a youth organization by the name of Spice Youth Toronto Community Initiative (SYTCI). This organization aims to encourage community development and increase access to educational, recreational, economical and cultural events and resources to youth of Caribbean descent.

The interaction with student organizations at York University and community organizations such as SYTCI has inspired my interest in youth education especially in the areas of literacy and peer education.



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